Wine Wednesday! Giving Me a Little Soul!

by Jennifer Stinnett on January 8, 2014

If I could have made the word “Soul” in the title above in italics and added a little down diggity with it – you’d know exactly what type of soul I was referring to! I needed a little ~Soul~ in my life when I spotted this wine a few weeks ago!

soul sister wine, soul sister wine labelSoul Sister
California Pinot Noir
Save Me, San Francisco

When I first saw the label it completely fit my mood that day. It gave me a sense of the perfect low light, loner, smokey evening I was looking forward to. Minus the smoke part. I don’t smoke, but get what I’m saying. I then headed over to the Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company site (much like you might do) and was very surprised to learn WHO makes this wine!

The band called Train!

Remember the Song “Hey, Soul Sister, ain’t that mister mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move, ain’t fair you know ..” Or you could hear it here. My guess … this wine is a compliment to that.

This wine just got a little bit cooler didn’t it … and I’m not talking in the temperature sense!

The taste on this wine? Well – it’s not a full bodied wine – it’s more of a medium wine. Soul Sister Wine has tastes of dark ripe cherry, some strawberry notes with an after splash of vanilla. It’s a smooth finish that makes you have that whole … “I’m with the band” experience! This is a great every day Pinot Noir to help finish off your day with dinner or even on it’s own. I found this wine here in Florida for about $11/bottle. Prices may vary state to state and store to store near you. OR … you can go directly to the site and buy the wine direct!

The other interesting portion to this wine is that Save Me, San Francisco and Train give back to their community by helping the Family House in San Francisco. This is a place for families to stay when their children are in the hospital receiving treatments. What a great cause! You can learn more about their contribution and Family House by clicking that last link!

If you are curious about this Pinot Noir – it might be one that’s worth picking up the next time you see it! I guarantee you’ll be singing the song as you pop open the cork on this one. By the way … let this one breath a bit before you partake so you can experience the full taste!

I’ll leave you with an overview video directly from the winery and Train below:

Can’t see the video? Try clicking this link to view it directly on YouTube!

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