Wine Condoms – For Your Wine’s Pleasure!

by Jennifer Stinnett on January 21, 2014

Well, you knew someone somewhere was going to come up with a wine condom idea. I figured it would be more in the area of an actual contraceptive. What we just found, might actually be a good idea for wine on Kickstarter!

Behold the Wine Condom

wine condom

Now before you go to that whole “dirty mind” place, let me put you at ease, this Kickstarter idea is not a contraceptive. It’s an actual seal or “condom” for your wine bottles! This inventor has some great ideas about his project and why his product is better than the old fashion wine stopper. I’ll list them here:

#1 – I bet this product will be a better conversation piece at your next party than any wine stopper you currently are using. Example: “What a cute wine stopper that says “vino” on itvs.Betty, can you get my wine condom?” Point made.

#2 – Most of us have refrigerator space issues. IF you do actually have left over wine … how many times have you had to slant the bottle to make it fit on the refrigerator shelves? Worse yet, loosely letting it stay in the door of the refrigerator only to forget it’s there and fling the door open spilling the bottle to floor. Exactly… wine condom. No added height issues. Problem solved!

#3 – It’s disposable … just like a real condom straw! You use it and toss it. His pricing (judging by the backer giveaways) doesn’t look that bad! So, this could be a great use for your next party.

#4 – You don’t just have to use this on wine bottles. You can use it on beer bottles and soda bottles. I’m not going into the different size theories – but if this product takes off, maybe he’ll create a “Magnum Can” condom. Maybe that’s his next Kickstarter campaign – we’ll keep an eye open and let you know.

Enjoy the video below and consider helping a fellow Kickstarter entrepreneur out: Wine Condom Kickstarter campaign

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Mitchell Strahan January 21, 2014 at 9:30 pm

Thank you so much for writing about my definitely unique product! Out of all of the reviews I’ve read, this is by far the funniest! Love it! Thanks again!

Jennifer Stinnett January 21, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Hope it helps Mitchell …. good luck to you with your Kickstarter campaign!
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