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Donate Your 100th Post – This is Our 700th Post!

GERTH FL Photo (Sponsor a Horse) Longtime readers of Jennifer’s Review have followed this venture from the very small and weird beginnings! Along with venturing out online, I wanted to try and accomplish something for charities. I believe in using your skills … whatever they may be … to help out someone in need. For me – even just a small act of writing a blog post about a small unknown charity can have some great positive results!

I created “Donate Your 100th Post” as an idea for all bloggers (corporate or personal) to take every 100th post on their site and donate that post to writing about a charity. Sadly – it’s been a harder idea to get people to take a part in. Regardless … I will keep doing it!

As my 7th, 100th post, I’d like to share with you a special lady I met late last year. Her name is Linnea Applegate and she runs Grace Equine Rescue and Therapy for Humans, Inc located in Florida!

Grace Equine Rescue and Therapy’s Mission:

To provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for economically disadvantaged, abused and/or neglected, at-risk children, and further, allowing these children to bond with and feel the unconditional love from these animals. Through these horses and caring humans, this will help these children to learn love and trust and enable them to grow in a positive healthy environment.

I went out to her site and this is just a few of the photos I captured.

GERTH FL Charity


Girl with horse GERTH charity

These children are loving the world and not only giving, but receiving unconditional love. I felt so honored to be there and see this interaction between the animals and the children. It’s also interesting to note that while the children are being helped, so are the horses! These horses are rescues themselves. Some of these horses have been in stressful situations, have not been cared for properly and left without love. Coming to this location and having these children interact with them, is saving these horses too! It’s an amazing experience to see!

Grace Equine Rescue and Therapy for Humans functions much like a small business. As a small business owner – funds are always a concern. How you can you help continue this loving interaction and help these kids (as well as the Veterans that also participate)? Please consider sponsoring a horse to help!

Each horse needs daily food, veterinary care, shots, and even the space they live in needs to be paid! After talking to Linnea – even a contribution of $50 can take care of a horse with food for a month! Not a bad price. So, I hope you find it in your heart to do one of the 2 following things. Update: correction – The $50.00/mo. is the sponsorship fee for the program. All the sponsorship monies go toward taking care of their horse. But, to feed a horse for a month is well over that.

1. Consider Sponsoring a Horse for $50 …. you can select a horse and donate via PayPal here: Sponsor a Horse


2. If you can’t afford $50 (or any amount at this time) please consider sharing this post to encourage others to donate. OR even better … consider sharing her donation site here: Grace Rescue Florida Donation

I hope Grace Equine Rescue and Therapy gets her funding this year – the work she is doing is simply amazing! While I only shared a few photos – there were many more moments shared in the short time that I was there.

donate_100_postThank you for reading and sharing my 100th post!

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