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Walking Down The Old Road With Graham Beck

I was introduced to South African wine about 15+ years ago. When I first heard about Pinotage, it really didn’t mean that much to me. I thought the taste was different and a bit bitter. I tasted, I may have bought one or two bottles and then never thought much more about it.

Until now …

old road pinotage graham beck wineOld Road Pinotage
Graham Beck Wines
2006 Product of South Africa

While on one of my wine searching shopping trips, I decided to ask the wine experts at the wine store. “What do you have in a Pinotage?” His eyes lite up and the wine guy motioned for me to follow him. I had imagined that I would be escorted to a private VIP room because I had inadvertently uttered the secret password to allow access to the secret wine society there … or … I just have an overactive imagination. The later proved true – we went to aisle 3 titled “other reds”. How sad – Pinotage doesn’t even have it’s own category yet.

The taste on this wine is one I really, really like personally. It seems you are either a fan of Pinotage or you scuff at it … not many people are in-between on this grape. However, this particular Pinotage is from 45 year old, low yielding bushvines. The grape is then matured in French and American Oak barrels. You get a full bodied wine experience with this wine. Rich, ripe berries carried with a cinnamon spice nose with plum and black cherry fruit flavors! It’s a very interesting and rich experience.

The price on this wine? I bought this bottle here in Florida for about $22… I’m sure the price will vary state to state as well as different vintages.

I’m anxious to try different wines from Graham Beck Wines … if their other wines taste as good as this one, I think I might have another “winner” in my glass!

Video from Graham Beck Wines about Pinotage:

Have you tried this wine? Do you have a favorite Pinotage?

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  1. I just opened a bottle of the 2003 which I received as a gift about 5 years ago. It is absolutely delicious,rich and smooth, without the tartness some pinotage can exhibit. I like most pinotage, but this is truly a step above.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Bob! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only fan. It was a great surprise and I’ll admit … I’ve picked up a nice little “stash” of this wine!!!

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