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Hella Fine Merlot – Weirdest Merlot Ever

Hella Fine MerlotBefore we begin, I just wanted to say hello. My name is Phil Gerbyshak, and  this is my first ever wine review. I’m not a wine reviewer by training or practice or anything like that. I’m a wine lover who wants to share his thoughts with the world. Hope you enjoy my thoughts on wine. My goal is to review one bottle a month, though I enjoy much more than that, so we’ll see how this goes.

Hella Fine Merlot

This is the weirdest Merlot I’ve ever had. I was expecting some flavor and some softness. What it was is very sour and full of sour flavor. I had a few sips before I ate and it was a mouthful. I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t dislike it.

So I paired it with a pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza. Hey, I wanted pizza and wine. What can I say!

It was ok but not great. If you are giving this as a holiday gift, I would give a gift card instead. If you’re sitting home and chugging wine, this one might be for you.

Cost: on sale for $8, normally $9.99. Definitely a sub-$10 wine. I wouldn’t buy it again for me, but I might bring it to a party. I wouldn’t give it as a gift though as it’s not what you’d expect from a Merlot.

Star rating (out of 5): 2 stars

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