5 Fun Ways To Gift Your Wine!

by Jennifer Stinnett on December 26, 2013

Let’s face it … bringing wine as a gift is incrediblely sensible, easy and everyone usually loves wine. If they don’t … it’s an easy “re-gift” situation for them. Wine. Wine. Win. Win. Bringing a bottle of wine makes great hostess gifts!

Give wine as a Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Christmas gift, bring one to the New Year’s Eve Party, album drop party, bachelor/bachelorette party, and even a baby shower gift! Okay … maybe don’t do the baby shower gift. That’s just bad taste…. wait until they haven’t slept for 48 hours straight … then send over that wine gift! That’s just being a considerate friend!

Amazon has some nice things out there … but I tend to bring you odd, crazy and different kind of things that hopefully bring a smile to your face! Without further ado … here we go!

Number 5: The Ugly Sweater Wine Bag

ugly sweater wine bag, wine bag, fun wine bagYes! Give back to your Great Aunt Berdie for giving you that quilt work Santa / Elf sweater she found at bargin bin basement and wrapped up for you! Show you loved her sweater thought with this wine bag, snuggle in a bottle of Arbor Mist and you are set to get another sweater from Aunt Berdie next Christmas too!

Number 4: Dress Up Bottle Bag
leapord wine gift bag

Nothing says “I’m a fashion lover!” than a dressed up wine bottle! Let’s let everyone know that you also have 30 stuffed toy bears on your bed and they each sport a new outfit which you change with each season. OR … this is for your Las Vegas “We’re Bachelorette partying!!” … then this is PERFECT!

Number 3: The True Wine-O Professional Case

professional wine case with flairIf this doesn’t scream “Professional Wine-O” I don’t know what else would. I imagine this is perfect to take to that special restaurant and ask the waiter how much their cork fee is. They’ll know the instant you bring out your “professional wine case” just who they are dealing with! Also – this goes eerily well with fashion bag Number 4 … it could be a whole set. Of note – this case does come with it’s own corkscrew. I actually like that – it’s a stylish way to bring wine to the beach or picnic. I may have to purchase one of these bad boys myself!

Number 2: Pace Yourself Vino to Go Wine Tumblers

wine in a cup, plastic wine cups

This is probably one of those gifts that help you segway into an intervention with a friend. Fill each of these up and label each one Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … you get the idea. Hint around that they should really pace out their wine drinking. PLUS … they won’t have an idea what the wine is … tell them it’s a $50 bottle of wine and really fill it with some box wine. They’ll never know!

This is great to bring to the beach where no glass is allowed. Or … pair this with your next New Year’s Baby costume. Or Halloween … or “dress up night”. I’ll stop there…

Finally …

Number 1: The Renaissance goat skin wine bag

manly man wine bag,

PERFECT for that fantasy warrior player. I hope to see these at Comic Con this year. ah-heemm… I mean if I go, not that I do… or … ANYWAY! Drop that box wine – fill this one and pass it around the hunting camp fire. It makes drinking wine that much cooler for guys. It’s manly, no frills and great for smuggling in at the next event. No one will ever know that it really has wine! (Note: This isn’t really goat skin and I don’t think any animals were harmed in making this wine bag. I can’t speak for the grapes however.)

Did you get a cool wine bag or give one? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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