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Hitler Wine Labels: Mocking a Dictator or Victims?

hitler wine labelWouldn’t you agree, putting a picture of Adolf Hitler on just about anything is bound to get a rise out of people? Well, Northern Italian winemaker Vina Lunardelli sells a Hitler-themed wine, called Fuhrerwein, featuring images of the historical dictator along with Nazi slogans. It’s part of their 50-label line depicting notorious political figures called “Linea Storia,” or “the line of history.”

Hmm…Would you buy the bottle? Would you drink the wine?

Well, at least two major Jewish human rights groups are encouraging wine distributors around the world to cease doing business with the maker who is mass marketing their blood red wine with a mass murderer’s face.

The controversial wine has been produced since 1995, with little attention until more recently when international tourists discovered the bottles and raised the issue with Italian media last year.

You’ve got to admit it’s a bold, bold marketing scheme—something that cult collectors would be drawn to, albeit one that’s politically potent and emotionally charged. The winemaker’s president says the wines are mainly sold in tourist shops as “gag gifts” and are supposedly quite popular. But where do you draw the line?

Does using the infamous dictator’s image mock his hideousness, or is it an unforgivable insult to those who suffered under the insane reign? What are your thoughts on this one? Would love to hear them in the comments below!

You can read more about this story on The Huffington Post here

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