Cloud Break — Wine … Get Your Head Out Of The Geekery …

by Jennifer Stinnett on August 28, 2013

cloud break wine labelAt first when I saw the words “Cloud Break” I was all like … my iCloud takes a break with wine too? Then I saw the label and it’s actually about clouds! Go figure!

Cloud Break
Petite Sirah

So the story behind these wines is all about the California growing season. This cloud break is in reference to the spring cloud break. It’s the “break” between the end of spring and the beginning of the perfect summer season. The summer season that has long hot summer days and cool nights. The perfect growning season. I like knowing that homage to the grape as I drink this wine!

The aroma on this wine will fool you into thinking you’ll taste strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. What you’ll actually taste is plum, boysenberries and cherries. It’s a surprise when you are expecting the first set up of fruits. This wine has a nice light vanilla oak taste as well, which is anything but disappointing! Be sure to let this breath a bit. While you are letting this breath, enjoy the simplistic but classic wine label. As with most of my wines – I enjoyed this one alone. The cloud break website indicates this pairs well with most everyday dishes. I guess the definition of “every day dishes” is up to you!

The price on this one comes in around $10/bottle. I think I paid $12.99 but after a bit of research online, it seems that I may have found one of those high priced bottles. So be sure to look around in your area. Although, for a few bucks extra, I’ll still pick up this wine right away vs. the extra gas to maybe find it in another store.

Did you pick up this wine and try it? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below!

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