Banrock Station Is Rockin’!

by Jennifer Stinnett on August 17, 2013

Sometimes you like to go out lookin’ Bangin’ good and sometimes you want to go out and have a Bangin’ good time. Wine people like to sit down, pour and have a Bangin’ wine. That’s how I came across Banrock Station!

pink moscato banrockBanrock Station
Pink Moscato

This is the newest addition to the Banrock Station line-up. It’s perfect for summer because of it’s gentle bubbles. Let’s face it … we all could use a few fun bubbles in our lives! With it’s blush color, sweetness and crisp finish it pairs well with hot days and nights chilled before you partake of course!

The taste on this wine is fresh, bright and full of sunshine. It has floral notes and a touch of sherbet flavor. Since this is a sparkler of a wine, it tastes great on it’s own which is exactly how I enjoyed this wine!

How about adding in that this wine is also eco-friendly! … do something fun for you and know you are doing something good for the environment. With all of Banrock Station wines, a percentage of the sales from these wonderful bottles supports conservation efforts worldwide. Beginning in 1995, the Banrock Station wine sales have supported environmental projects in 13 countries! This supports their beliefs of “Good Earth, Fine Wine.” … Sounds like someone gets it.

How about the price on this one? Glad you asked … because at $7-$9 a bottle, you can enjoy this a few times a week! Or buy a case to share at the next patio party!

Have you tried this wine? What did you pair it with? Did you like it? Would love to hear your thoughts on this wine in the comments below!


The wine reviewed in this post was provided to me by Folsom Associates on behalf of Banrock Station.

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