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Wine Wednesday! Josh Wine Isn’t Joshin’!

I was walking in the grocery store wondering what wine to pick up next. Then I heard it … ever so lightly on the wind … like a faint whisper of knowledge just waiting for me to hear it … “I know you want wine … but can I just get my cart around you”? That’s when I realized my cart and I were blocking a whole store isle …..

Josh Wine label, Josh wine reviewJosh Cellars
Joesph Carr wines
produced at Larson Family Vineyards in Carneros

So by now I think people at my local grocery store know my weekly trips into the liqueur section. If only I was narcissistic enough to think that they wait to see what I pick up and rush over to get the same thing after I leave. One can only wish right?

Either way, I saw a bottle labeled “Josh” and I had to know more about it!

There is a nice backstory to this wine. Joseph Carr has only launched this business in 2005 and already in 2009 has won the hearts of wine critics! The Joseph Carr wines are top rated. The Josh Wine label is what he affectionately calls his “vin de garage”. It is a North Coast Vineyard project, from sites organically and sustainabily farmed. (Organic wine making makes me happy!) It’s also a wine that he and … well… here is the quote right from their site, I think they tell it well.

After we’re done producing our portfolio of Joseph Carr wines, we like to sit around “the garage” we call a wine cellar, and tinker with a few things. Growers we call friends come by and lend a hand. We laugh, tell stories and produce a winemaker’s wine that we make just for ourselves; handcrafted wines that we jokingly refer to as a “vin de garage”. These wines are named after my father, as they are expressive, but unassuming and approachable – just like him.

I believe that getting a wine from a high end boutique producer at an affordable every day wine price point, is what makes this wine special. While it may not be winning awards (I may be wrong on that statement as I did not find any award information on the site), it did win me over!

The taste on this wine is of black berries and black currants which created a nice husky taste. A little peppery, some dark cherries and … A touch if smoke … But not very noticeable … you will definitely taste black currants in this wine. Aerate this wine when you first open it for a great experience. However, it had a great smooth finish on it’s own the second day.

Price for this wine was about $11/bottle where I picked this up. I find that wine prices vary state to state … so, what did you pick this wine up for? Did you like it? Would you have it again? It’s on my list for another round. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!


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  1. How come it doesn’t say organic or sustainable anywhere on the bottle?

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