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Sparkling Wine Sunday! Malvasia!

I’ve been trying a lot of Salvatore Principe’s sparkling wines lately. I think it’s just a great way to start off the week … refreshing, bubbly fun on a Sunday for brunch or lunch!

salvatore principe wine bottleSalvatore Principe Moscato
Moscato Malvasia

So the first thing on this sparkling wine you may notice is … what is Malvasia? Okay, maybe that was just me, but I’ll share my new found knowledge with you about this grape. Malvasia is a grape that is typically grown in the Mediterranean regions. Here at home in the USA, this grape is grown in the California and Arizona. This is just another grape variety. This particular sparkling wine is a blend of 84% Moscato and 16% Malvasia Rosso.

How does it taste? The one thing I do like about this brand of sparkling wine is that they make it very simple to know the sweetness level. They provide for you on the back of this bottle a leveled scale for a “sweetness rating”. On a scale of 1 to 10, this wine rates an 8 on the sweetness level. They are correct on this; this sparkling wine is really sweet. It’s full of raspberry and strawberry juiciness. The tasting notes on the website indicate rose petals and honeysuckle are also noted in this one.

I picked up this Sparkling Malvasia wine for $10/bottle. It’s not terribly expensive and it’s probably just the right touch for a dessert wine as well as a chilled drink for brunch. This one is great to sip on it’s own or you can pair this with cold cuts and mild cheeses.

I’m curious, have you tasted this wine? Did you find it too sweet or just right? Would love to hear your tasting thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I live in southwest fl and bought this sparkling wine at fresh market. When i went back to get some more because we really enjoyed it,the manager said they only had it in for a special event and wont being getting any more in. He thought wine and more might have it, went there and no luck. Can you tell me where to get this wine? Thanks for your help Kathy

  2. Hey Kathy ~
    Thanks for stopping by! According to Wine – no one in FL sells this – however, you might be able to get it shipped to you from one of their distributors:

    If there is a wine I really like – I usually will go to my favorite store and see if they can get it from one of their distributors for me. Usually works well, I’ll have to order more than one bottle – but I get what I want!

    I hope that helps!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Wednesday! Giving Me a Little Soul!My Profile

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