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5 Odd Wine Accessories

We love wine. We love anything related to wine. We even love wine gadgets. More than just regular wine gadgets, We love the odd wine gadgets.

We thought we would share some wine related wine gadgets that you might snarkle laugh at in private. You may also roll your eyes a bit, but deep down … we’ll know there is a chuckle rolling around about it! Or … who knows you might love these? It’s a noodle toss really.

Here we go …

Jennifer’s Review Top 5 Odd Wine Accessories:

1. sir perkly wine corkscrewSir Perky Corkscrew: We’re not sure which is worse on this one. The title, the use or the object itself. We’ll let you decide. The description on this one is … We’ll quote part of it here.. “Who like’s a good beverage??? Well nobody gets as excited as Sir Perky over his favorite drink”. There you go … an odd wine party / gag gift for you to pick up.

red solo cup with stem, stemware red solo cup, red solo cup wine glass2. Redneck Red Cup Wine Glass: All we can think of when we see this is the song Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. Beside the red solo cup visions, we think this novelty / odd item might be for those who want to be a little classier. THIS red solo cup has a stem. So it’s basically stemware red solo cup. It fits in perfect for either your lunch time plans or dinner plans. Make sure you hand wash this item … dishwashers are not kind to this product!

wine tab for your bottle, bottle wine tab, wine tab aerator3. Wine Aerator, Serve and Pump: It’s like having your own wine on tap! Which makes this a brilliant gift. Not only can you pump out your wine, but it also aerates the wine as well. We have a feeling this is not a fast process to fill your wine glass. This makes the list because, it may be a bit tacky, but it could be a hit! You’ll have to decide on this one!

magnet wine clip4. The Wine Clip Magnetic Wine Conditioner: If you have not heard about the theory of magnets enhancing the quality of wine, that’s ok, it’s not a subject many people talk about. The theory is that by “magnetizing” a bottle of wine, it will enhance the flavor of the wine and create a smoother taste. (That’s the short version) A quick search on that will give you all different viewpoints. We HAVE tried this method of aging wine and will save our personal thoughts for a later blog post. In the meantime … we give you … Magnet Clip …. (as that fades into an echo). This makes the list because we’re not sure this falls into a valid experience (magnet or no magnets aside). What do you think?

tin man wine holder, metal wine caddy5. The Snowman Tin bottle holder : That’s a title we made up, we realize there are wine bags out there, but this one had it’s oddity to it. It’s a little scary. It seems a little sharp. We’re not even sure how you would get the wine bottle out. It’s sortof a steampunk theme which we do like. We’re torn on this one and leave the oddity decision up to you!

Have you heard of or seen anything odd out there for a wine gadget? Gotten one of these as a gift? Given one as a gift? Love it? Hate it? We wanna hear it all in the comments below!

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  1. Wow, that corkscrew really lives up to its name. How to really screw a cork!

    I stopped buying gizmos for wine years ago. I have a drawer full of metal disks for creating the dripless pour (I rarely lose a drop without them), air pumps for preserving a bottle (for me, once that cork is popped, that bottles as good as empty), aerators, and more. And, of course, dozens of various corkscrews.

    I can’t remember the last time I used any of them. I have my favourite corkscrew that is in my kitchen’s top drawer. I pop the cork, fill my glass (which can hold an entire bottle, if I’m feeling gluttonous), and I’m done.

    Ross Brown´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: High WaterMy Profile

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