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Wine Wednesday! My 5 Birthday Wines

Birthday girl wine, girl wine, birthday girl wine listEvery year I have this little thing called a “Birth Day” … the day I was born. Today’s that day and how appropriate is it that it’s also “Wine Wednesday”!

Early on, your birthday is a cool day! Your 16th and 21st birthday here in America are pretty special! After that your birthday celebrations turn to black balloons in honor of your ever-getting-older age … sadly. When you get to your 40’s you kindof just want it to go by quietly. Thanks to Facebook thou … none of us can hide from our Birthdays anymore.

So … to celebrate my new year of wisdom, I decided to put together my list of Birthday wines! No one pays to be on this list, it’s genuienly my list of 5 wines that I will spend extra money on and/or purchase for my birthday celebrations!

Are you ready? Here we go:

artist series wine label1. Clos Pegase: I prefer reds and depending on my mood I’ll select either the Cabernet sauvignon or the Pinot Noir. I’ve been to this winery and loved it. I love the fact that this winery celebrates art by having a special series dedicated to a local artist on the wine labels. That’s pretty cool. The winery itself is pretty unique with all of it’s art. I choose this wine because in my mind, it celebrates creativity!

Nectar_Imperial_Birthday_Wine2. Moet & Chandon NECTAR Imperial: (emphasis mine) I capitalize the nectar part because it’s easy to find the Imperial … but the nectar not so much. Such is life I say! The Nectar Imperial Champagne has the tiniest elegant bubbles along with a sweet smooth taste. I love it, I cherish it … and it just feels so good once it hits your lips! (movie clip comment) This one is creamy, rich and luscious … just how I want my special day to be! Pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.

silver oak3. Silver Oak: That’s right my wine-o friends, this one is not for the faint of wallet. I’ve had this wine twice in my life and loved it each time. I had this once while on vacation at a friend’s friend’s private island in the Bahamas. Yep. That was pretty fun. The second time I had this was on my birthday as a special gift from a friend. Yep, I’m that good of a friend. It’s wonderful, I loved the flavors however, I do not remember the vintages … so do your research on this one before plunking down some serious cash. I think you’ll be happy with your choice. I think you should also share that choice with me … but you know … it’s up to you! Cheers!

closduboiswine label4. Clos Du Bois: After reading my last 3 selections you might be wondering how this inexpensive wine makes my list. It’s not really a “how” as much as a “why”. I love this wine chilled and served on a warm weather day. It’s fantastic with a nice crisp salad! Since I live in Wisconsin and recently had the longest winter ever! (I exaggerate, but it still wasn’t fun this year) I can only hope to celebrate with this wine on a hot summer night outside on a patio with friends. I love the tartness, the crisp taste and yes, for me, the red wine drinker – this one always makes my list of white wines to try! So chill it, share it outside on the patio and have a great time with friends. You’ll be happy with this one too!

Dreaming Tree Wine, Cabernet Dreaming Tree Wine5. Dreaming Tree Wine: I prefer the Cabernet Sauvignon with Dreaming Tree Wine. When I picked this up at the store last year, I had no idea that the winery was owned by Dave Matthews of the famed Dave Matthews band. It wasn’t until I fell in love with the wine that I started snooping around their site. (and ultimately did a review on it) Since then, I have picked this wine up A LOT. I buy it as a hostess gift, serve it at dinners, and I just LOVE introducing this wine to friends and family to see them love it as well. It’s a reasonable priced wine and has so much life and character to it! Which is why I did have this one as a “pre-birthday” weekend wine last weekend. It’s full of life and character like me!

Cheers to Birthdays for everyone! Thank you for reading my blog over the years.

I would love to read what 5 wines you would put on your Birthday list!? Let me know below in the comments!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Jennifer!

    My 5 wines for my birthday would be a Conde de Valdimar Reserva, a Penfold’s Grange, a Louise Champagne (or Veuve Cliquot), a 1997 Col d’Orcia (I brought one home from Tuscany in 2004: it was amazing!), and a Reif Riesling Icewine.

    If I manage to get all of these wines together for my 50th birthday (in two years), I’m inviting you over!
    Ross Brown´s last blog post ..Photo Friday: Where In OttawaMy Profile

  2. Penfold’s … good choice! I’ve not tried a Louise Champagne … may need to put that on my list!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Wednesday! The 31st State or Wine … you decide!My Profile

  3. oh! … and invitation accepted! Sip and cheers to that!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Wednesday!! Twigs Merlot … Yes, You’re Drinking Merlot!My Profile

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