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Wine Wednesday! The 31st State or Wine … you decide!

Not many people can name all 51 50 states, much less name the 31st state. Except today … today I’m here to help you! The 31st state was California on September 9, 1850. I sound smart don’t I? Well, hold on to that thought, because I learned that stat from the back of a wine bottle. Learning and drinking – my favorite sport!

31st State Wine, 31st State Wine Review31st State
Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a fun tasting wine! If you like chocolate – you’ll like the hints of chocolate in this wine! Yeah, it’s there. Also I tasted a bit of cherry in this which really made my night. 31st state wine also has a deep mocha flavor and that just gets better on the second day. Let it breath and you’ll enjoy it much more the next day. OR …. decant it for a bit before pouring.

There isn’t much information on where this wine comes to us from. So, I can’t share with you any of the wonderful aspects of the winery. However, I CAN tell you that this went really well with grilled steak. I would definitely love to have a glass of this at my next grill out! So save your pennies or save a bottle of this for summer. Or break it out this spring in celebration of summer! Either way, this is a great bottle to bring out for the BBQ fun.

Have you tried this wine? Did you like it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! (Also – where did you buy it? Seems to be limited a bit!)

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