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Wine Wednesday! Blue Fin It Baby!

A few years ago I got a little couragous and picked up a wine called Broke Ass Wine for $3.99/bottle. I wasn’t expecting much and if you read the review in that link … you’ll see the results. So shopping again for a wine to review … I was drawn to this bottle of wine like a moth to a flame!

Blue fin wine review, blue fine wine labelBlue Fin
Pinot Noir
Price: $3.99/bottle

Yes, it’s true … lugging my basket of goodies at Trader Joe’s I ended up in the wine section. Actually it was the wine corner in my local store. Which is actually worse because then you can stand there looking at all the wine and giggle at the wine labels or actually drool. Allegedly.

Blue Fin wine isn’t the wine you bring to show off at the dinner party. The color is pretty light and if you love cranberries … this is the wine to pick up! Tart and very young, it’s got a lot NOT going on. However, the second day gave it some fun and brought the tartness down a bit.

What did I pair this wine with? Pizza. You know what went even better with it? Sparkling water. It gave it some taste.

Lots of mixed reviews about this wine … some people hated it, some people loved it. Personally, I would love to put this wine in a blind tasting with friends, “hint” (never lie) that the wines are expensive and see how this wine rates with everyone. Does the wine taste not as good because it’s only $4 or is the wine really only good enough to be my mixer for my sparkling water.

I think you should decide. I will not be picking up another bottle of this – but I do think this is a great wine for a cheap “I had a bad work day” evening wine! Also .. I AM impressed that this wine for $4 does come with a real cork cork! That says something in my book!

How about you? Have you tried Blue Fin Pinot Noir? Did you like it? I would love to hear your comments about it in the section below!

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  1. I love to give friends blind tastings and match good, inexpensive wines with their heftier-priced counterparts. It’s amazing what my friends come up with when they evaluate what they’ve consumed.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a $4 bottle of wine that didn’t come in a juice box… complete with straw!

    Ross Brown´s last blog post ..Lovers & HatersMy Profile

  2. Ha … see … I’m not the only one that has a devious mind! Personally – I can’t tell price in wines … but I do know what I like! This wine didn’t have a straw … but it did have a cork. Impressive! Cheers Ross – thanks for stopping by!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..New Uses For Wine Corks!My Profile

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