New Uses For Wine Corks!

by Jennifer Stinnett on March 5, 2013

I’m always saving my wine corks. Someday I’ll make a ton of wine cork crafts … you know … when I have time! I’ve also convinced myself that I just haven’t found the right project yet. (a-hem….) So I keep searching for that fantastic cork project that I just KNOW I’ll do.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you a few of the interesting wine cork projects I’ve found.

Have you seen all of those, penny flooring projects and photos going around? Well … forget pennies! Use wine corks! I have no idea how long this took them or how they did it … but wow, I like the look!

wine cork project, wine cork floor You can read more about this project here: MSN Real EState

It’s tough to beat the flooring project … but then I found this one! How about a wine cork drawer top as a buffet bar, or actually – why not use this for your dresser? I could have an easy resting place for my earrings! I do really like the look of this one however:

wine cork dresser top
You can read how they did it here:

What would we do without Martha Stewart … seriously … what would we do?!?! She came up with this brilliant plan to use the cork on the bottom of your chairs to save your hardwood floors or to steady a chair. Genius I tell you … GENIUS!

cork for chair sliders Read how Martha Stewart did this

Lastly, how about a wine cork lamp? Not just a table lamp, but a standing lamp! I’m not sure if I like the color in this project, but wow … think of the colors and uses!

DIY wine cork lamp Read all about how created this lamp!

There you have it … are you inspired to get those wine corks out and try to cork up your floor? That’s a big project, but how cool would that be? Do you have a wine cork project you tried, liked or did? I would love to see it in the links below! Share away!

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