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It’s Friday!! Gangnam #wine Style Video!

We always try to have fun here on Jennifer’s Review with our wine reviews. I found the following video done by Jordan Winery refreshing! Apparently, it gets a little boring in the wine making industry during the winter months. So Josh Jordan, CEO and the lead dancer in the video below, decided not to just sit around. For their 40th anniversary, they pay tribute to the PSY and the Gangnam Style video with a wine style parody … here it is below:

Can’t view this video? Click this link here to the Jordan Winery Wine Style Video to watch directly on YouTube!

You have to love a winery with a sense of humor and some pretty good looking people working there!

You can follow more from Jordan Winery by connecting with them here:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jordanwinery
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jordanwinery


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