Sparkling Wine Sunday! Moscato Me Some Castello del Poggio!

by Jennifer Stinnett on February 24, 2013

Alright … so at the wine section of my local grocery store I stood. and stood. and stared. Apparently I stood and stared so long that an employee came over to ask me if they could help. To which I said “Moscato Sparkling Wines anywhere?” and she showed me this ……..

Moscato Castello del PoggioMoscato
Provincia Di Pavia
Castello del Poggio
Asti – Italy

Not only did the employee show me the sparkling wine section but she then informed me that the above sparkling wine is served at Olive Garden and apparently everyone raves about it. I have not been to an Olive Garden in years … so I had to Google that. Indeed, the local Olive Garden (wine selections may vary from state to state, city to city) does carry and serve this wine… snapshot of the menu below:


On to the good stuff …. what’s the taste on this Moscato Sparkling wine? Olive Garden indicates this is a slightly sweet wine. I thought this was more sweet than semi sweet. It’s fresh, fruity and full of fun for your mouth! I had this wine with pizza, on it’s own and with a nice big green salad with a spicy dressing. I loved this sparkling wine with all of them. If you are looking for that sparkling wine with a bit of a bite, this will not be it. Also, it’s only 5% alcohol so don’t expect much of a “buzz” either. I think this makes this wine great for a luncheon or brunch menu for that reason.

Want to know a little bit about the winery that brings us this wine? I did … then I found the following video and watched it. May I remind you that I live in Wisconsin and watched this while snow fell outside … Seriously?!! How beautiful are these vineyards! I also drank the last part of the wine and pictured myself on one of those ridges at the vineyard. I was hoping for some sort of transportation … that didn’t happen. Maybe next time!

Can’t see the video? Click this link to watch it directly on YouTube!

I think you should check out this wine … tell me what you think! Do you like it? Are you a sparkling wine person!? I would love to hear your thoughts about this wine in the comments below …. pretty please??


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