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I Got an “Up North” Wine Recipe – I’m Sharing it Ya’ll!

So I was having fun at the Milwaukee Social Media Holiday Party last month where I met Carrie Keenan. Carrie shared with me a story of a wine recipe that could only be duplicated inside a gas station mug.

This intrigued me.

She indicated that it was a long standing family recipe and she wasn’t sure if she should speak of it. I bought her another drink. Allegedly. or she bought me one … I don’t really remember… Then she spilled the family secret wine recipe!!

arnold palmer wine recipe

1 Gas Station Mug
1 Box of Franzia Chardonnay
1 Box (or jar) of tea mix … (I got lemon flavored)
1 straw … for mixin’!

In your gas station mug, place the required amount of mix for the size of mug you have. Next … open up that Franzia tap and pour yourself some Chardonnay goodness into the mug. Stop half way full and stir with a straw … then continue to fill the mug. Replace the top and sip away.

Here is my reaction to the Wine recipe … aka, my “taste test”!

Jennifer Stinnett Wine recipe

Initially, this has an awesome taste to it! It’s sweet, lemony, Chardonnay-y-ee and wait for it …. wait for it …It’ll come. THE SUGAR BRAIN FREEZE. It’s like an ice cream brain freeze, but with sugar. In all fairness … I did place a bit too much of the tea mix into my version. Hold back a bit on the tea mix and remember that less is more in this recipe!

I also want to try a pomegranate version to see how that goes. I’ve learned my lesson thou … less tea mix initially and then add more as needed. I have not tried the pomegranate version yet … but it’s on my list!

All in all .. I think if this recipe was chilled a bit, you held back on the tea mix … it’s actually pretty good! If you want a sugar brain freeze … add the same amount of tea to wine as you would tea to water. I hope no one gets addicted to this ….

Thank you Carrie!! I’m definitely serving this up in hot weather … I may even make it “sugar brain freeze” strong!

Has anyone else tried this? Like it? Have a different version? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s awesome “Ma” will be so excited!!! Cheers

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