Wine Wednesday! Get Organic with Agriculturist Wine!

by Jennifer Stinnett on December 12, 2012

There is a wine rule at my house … if you bring wine, we don’t drink it while you are there, it’s ALL MINE. You wine snooze, you lose! That’s what happened with today’s bottle. It was left by my friend visiting a few weekends ago. She bought it, thought we would drink it, we didn’t … I did!

Organic Red WineEnter
Organic Agriculturist
Frey Vineyards
Organic Red Table Wine

It’s an organic wine that carries the good ‘ole organic label. You know the green and white one! What makes a wine qualify as organic? You won’t find out on my site … that’s boring “put me to sleep” talk. You can read all about what makes a wine qualify as organic by clicking this link you just read!

Any winery / vineyard that creates magical wine goodness while making great wine always “wins” in my book! Frey Vineyards not only has organic grapes, but the full vineyard is under organic management. It’s a full organic power house production going on over there. Planting wheat inbetween the grape vines, using honeybees, natural insects and solar power all add to the extra goodness!

I kidnapped My Friend picked up this wine at Whole Foods. It’s the perfect place to find an organic wine don’t you think? It’s also the ONLY place you’ll find this wine. Exclusive to Whole Foods, it’s a great everyday wine to pick up. I had this with some pasta and red sauce… some garlic in that dish and this was really good. Also … no sugar adjustments on this wine and hardly there sulfites.

The taste on this wine? It’s a blend of Carignan, Zinfandel and Syrah. All pairing and playing nicely together. You get a light spicyness to the taste, red plum and a mineral/slight earthy flavor all make this one interesting. Not a sweet wine by any means, but not so dry you need water afterward. It’s just a great mix. The site indicates it pairs well with spice-crusted rack of lamb, caramelized shallots and roasted root vegetables, or a fennel and blood-orange salad.

Check out the video the winery created on this special blend exclusive to the Whole Foods crowd:

Don’t see the viceo? Click this Organic Wine video here to watch directly on YouTube

There you have it … drink a bottle that is “greenly” created and you did your good deed for the day!

Have you tried this wine? Like it? What are your tasting thoughts on this one? Tell me in the comments below!

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