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Wine Wednesday! Snooty Fox, Oh That Fox From France

You really shouldn’t say Snooty Fox from France fast, after you’ve had a full bottle of Snooty Fox from France wine. I may be talking from experience on that, but since I’m typing this and not video …ing it – you’ll have to guess on that one!

snooty fox Sauvignon Blanc , snooty fox wine labelSnooty Fox
Sauvignon Blanc
Product of France
Nova Wine Group

Pop this fox in the fridge or your wine cellar/chiller and get this wine chilled to a nice crisp temperature. Open it up by taking out the REAL cork, cork and pour yourself a glass of fun-ness. I made up that word fun-ness because personally … it really should be a word!

The taste on this wine is full of grapefruit and citrus with a nice mellow smoothness toward the end. It starts off with a bite, which is fantastic when chilled. The color on this wine is a pale yellow with some green hues to it.

Another interesting fact on this wine … this vineyard produces grapes on 7 different islands. This helps to keep the soil content true and protects the grapes from risk of frost. I imagine this to be MY fantasy island as well people!

If you don’t have this wine in your location, you can contact Nova Wines (link above) and find a location near you to obtain this wine and all it’s tasty goodness.

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