Wine Wednesday! A Dreaming Tree Wine Has Some Dave Matthews In It!

by Jennifer Stinnett on November 7, 2012

I always wanted a money tree as a kid and would always imagine that it started out as roots in cup that I’d put a magic spell on in some sort of transplant experiment. I’d say my spell and the next morning, a tree would appear full of money. Today as an adult … I spend money on a bottle of wine called “The Dreaming Tree”. Kindof appropriate.

Dreaming Tree Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon Dreaming Tree Wine, Dreaming Tree Wine ReviewThe Dreaming Tree
Cabernet Sauvignon
North Coast 2009
Dreaming Tree Wines

So here is your “Oh. My. God.” moment …. I am introducing to you a wine that is created by … wait for it … DAVE MATTHEWS! Yes, THAT Dave Matthews. Who knew he was into wine? Why didn’t I realize the label name and the Dave Matthews Song were one in the same?

There you have it … this wine is created by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews band. It’s also created by winemaker Steve Reeder. Steve Reeder is probably going to be one of the very few … okay, the only winemaker that I will probably continue to follow. His intention for creating wines is:

I make wines for people to drink, I don’t make wines for people to put in their cellars.

You can’t get better than that! Except of course when you taste this wine. Before I go into this wine, I’d like to point out that although this post is sponsored by Intellitaste … it is not sponsored by Dreaming Tree Wines, which means, my views on this are all MINE!

The taste on this wine for the price is everything right. It’s full and elegant. Every time I drink this wine, the thought of chocolate comes to my mind. This wine does not TASTE like chocolate, but it gives my soul the same fun full feeling. With a balanced herbal taste melted in with cherries, blackberries and toasted vanilla… Do you see why this is my new favorite “go to” wine?

I may be a little attached to this wine personally and I know I’ll be bringing this one to the next dinner party to share! I think it would be a nice wine to bring to a table full of friends to share good food, good stories and of course, good wine!

Have you picked up this wine? I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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