Now Sells Wine … They ARE Going To Rule The World!

by Jennifer Stinnett on November 8, 2012

As a wine blogger this news has had me sitting on the edge of my seat! is selling wine! I mean really … is there anything more fun than clicking away at all the fun things to buy on Amazon like Dashboard Jesus or something even more special like Canned Unicorn Meat and sipping on wine? I think not.

So excited to share this news with everyone and to also include that I will purchasing my wine from from time to time. The only disappointment is that sadly …. the wine purchases don’t seem to fall under my Prime membership. It’s sad, but I look forward to experiencing some fun wines I might not find in my local area!

For instance … I think this might be my next purchase …. 2010 Zombie Zin.

Zombie Zin Wine

If only I had known about this wine for Halloween! It’s $10 a bottle, but of course, the more you buy, the more $ off…

Cheers to buying wine on everybody!

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