Sparkling Wine Sunday! – Limited Edition Style

by Jennifer Stinnett on October 7, 2012

Beviamo Sparkling wineIt’s Sunday and occasionally you might want to partake in a Sparkling wine or Mimosa drink for your breakfest or brunch…. or all day. We don’t judge here.

Beviamo Limited Edition II
Prestige Wine Group
Sparkling Mosacto Rosato
Wine from Italy

This is a wine with hand picked grapes and brought to us from Italy. It’s fermented in stainless steel tanks, the process stopped at some point, cooled and allowed to keep some of it’s sugar during the process.

Taste? I really enjoyed this sparkling wine – it’s sweet but not overly sweet as it finishes on a dry note. Lots of bubbles all the way through your experience and it’s just a nice refreshing drink. Strawberries are the main taste that I get with this wine and then I do get a nice cherry taste as well. The website indicates a violet note — I was not picking that up with my limited taste buds. With that said – you do start to realize it’s a different kind of sparkling wine you’ll be trying with this one!

What would I pair this wine with? Here is what the website suggests to pair with this one:

Beviamo Sparkling Moscato Rosato can be enjoyed before dinner or after dinner. It is wonderful when paired with grilled salmon, pork and chicken or Tiramisu, Panettone, Toasted Hazelnuts, Apricots and Figs drizzled with Honey, Cake, and Spicy Dishes.

I would be careful on the spicy dish adventure with this wine. I think you would need to be very careful which direction you take. Perhaps sushi … spicy tuna rolls? Hmmmm… hoping someone out there has paired this with something and will let us all know!

The price on this was around $13 or so … I saw this on my last run to Sam’s Club, so you may find the price higher in other stores.

There you have it … a great Sunday Sparkling Wine that’s easy on the budget to pick up for your next uplifting Sunday eats!

Moscato Rosato Sparkling Wine

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