Do You Like Beer? If So, You’ll Love Denver

by Jennifer Stinnett on October 18, 2012

Colorado has a legion of breweries. There are 115 of them to be exact, and they all are incredibly accessible, meaning that you, your buddies and family can enjoy a freshly brewed beer nonstop. You already know what that equals: You can get super drunk right on cue. Well, maybe not that fast, but considering that Colorado’s altitude is almost higher than high, getting drunk fast is inevitable. Why do you think Denver’s nickname is “The Mile High State”? It is the home of the largest brewery in the world–Coors–and the highest saloon in America–The South Park Saloon. Clearly, this explains why Denver has inherited the title “Napa Valley of Beer,” and has become known as the cultural center of the fast-growing craft brewing movement.

To spice things up a little, Denver’s mayor, John Hickenlooper, is one of the most notable beer men in the public’s eye. He is also one of the founders of the Wynkoop Brewery, which is planted in the heart of downtown Denver. This leads you to believe he is one of the adult Coloradoans who managed to consume 30 gallons of beer in 2009, does it not? Even if it does not, legend has it that a saloon was the first structure permanently built in Denver, so there is no doubt that it is A-OK to have a beer or two in Colorado.

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Author Jason Lancaster is the president of Spork Marketing, a Denver Internet Marketing company. He loves creating search engine optimized websites and enjoys a cold beer or two from time to time.

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