A New Brewery in the Twin Cities? Indeed!

by Tony Erickson on September 5, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Indeed Brewing Co.This week, on a Thursday afternoon I took a trip to one of the Twin Cities’ newest breweries, Indeed Brewing Company. Open to the public only two weeks ago, Indeed has been getting its name out with several special tapping events around Minneapolis and St. Paul and social media.

After retrieving your pint from patron number six, you’ll be drawn to their bar sized shuffleboard table where sliding objects up and down a wooden slab will not carry the fear of spilling Indeed’s Midnight Ryder. Midnight Ryder is a malty American black ale that lends itself nicely to a cool, rainy summer day, and when autumn is here, you shouldn’t hesitate to order it. What makes the trip to the brewery even better is the fact that there is also a pair of double dry hopped ales in casks for only a dollar more! From the cask, Midnight Ryder changes immensely, the coffee flavors of this malt heavy ale really come to the front, making it a brew I’ll be craving until the end of a hard Midwestern winter.

As far as seasonal brews,  there is a summer ale on tap that is easy drinking and more flavorful than compared to many other summer ales. Summer ale aside, I overheard the plans for the brewery’s next release… Fresh hop ale! When chatting with one of the co-owners, Tom Whisenand, I learned they clearly know how to handle brewing a great big fresh hop ale. I’m sure I’ll be one of the first in line for that tasting when it is released in the next month or so.

But my favorite pour today had to be another double dry hop. This one was their flagship, a pale ale called Day Tripper. If you’re a fan of clean, flavorful and hopped up craft beers, you’ve got it right here. The Cascade hops used in this cask bring out bright floral flavors leaving you with a dry, somewhat delightfully bitter aftertaste.

All in all, a trip to Indeed is a perfect afternoon outing into the Northeast Arts District. It was great not just for the brews, but for the culture within the taproom. So do yourself a favor and pay them a visit at the brewery or at indeedbrewing.com.

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