Big, Oaked IPA in a Can

by Tony Erickson on September 13, 2012

Well, fall is here. As a beer dude, it’s hard to contain the excitement for what this season brings. Whether it’s crisp fresh hop IPAs, a plethora of pumpkin brews, or big malty imperial stouts, it’s a season of many flavors and beers with pretty high alcohol content!

In anticipation of this season’s boozy bounty, I picked up a four pack of 21st Amendment’s Hop Crisis Imperial IPA. This beer might be in 12 ounce cans, but these little guys pack a big punch coming in at 9.7% ABV (alcohol by volume). Luckily, the taste of alcohol is heavily masked by the SIX, that’s right, SIX different species of hops used throughout the brewing process, half of which are added after the beer begins to ferment. This is known as dry-hopping. Also, during this process, the brewers tossed in some oak spirals just to give it another angle of complexity.  It worked out great! Overall, the brew has a bigger, maltier body than most other big IPAs, which helps to make it a good choice for crisper weather.

Since this ale is made to have a big aroma and a heavier taste, always put it in a glass. It will taste so much better–trust me. Once you’ve got the beer in a glass, take a look at the labeling on the can. Most of 21st Amendment’s beers have the same style artwork on it, and I’ve always thought they were awesome. I mean, check out Brew Free! or Die.

So give this one a try when you can find it. I would especially recommend drinking it while grilling some brats, steaks, or stuffed peppers with some friends. This brew was just rereleased last week so go pick some up soon! Just like most of the best beers, it won’t be around for too long, and by the time it gets too cold to drink really hopped up beers, 21st Amendment will be releasing an awesome Winter Spiced Ale called Fireside Chat (Yes, the label does have FDR by a fireplace on it).

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