A Festbier for Wine Drinkers!

by Tony Erickson on September 27, 2012

Hey, folks! In my last post I talked about Autumn rolling in and bringing with it, some fresh, fermented delights. Big, malty stouts and boozy barley wines are on the horizon. But first comes the marzen style beers of the original brewfests; I’m speaking, of course, about Oktoberfest! If you live anywhere near an Oktoberfest celebration, you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s festbier season!

Today, I have for you a review of an odd take (more like a mash up) on the classic marzen style lagers made famous in Munich all those years ago. It’s called Atom Smasher from our friends at Two Brothers Brewing. The beer itself isn’t that different from your typical festbier. That is, until they store it away for a month or so in a massive foudre for aging (you know, these things which are normally used to age wine). Once they begin to age the beer in these massive oak barrels, the beer starts to take on these really clean, almost fruity and kind of sour notes that give it an even, crisp taste.

Although, not that high in alcohol content at a 7.7% ABV, I could see it creeping up on me after having a few because its just so drinkable. I guess, in that sense, it makes this a perfect festbier to encourage you and your friends to have more than you should at your fall parties. And if you happen to find this at the fest grounds, maybe have a few and ask a stranger to dance?

Either way, this weekend is when most true Oktoberfest celebrations start. So take my advice, get out there and track down some unique Oktoberfest lagers with a few friends or a massive crowd of strangers. It’s always a good time. And from me to all of  you…PROST!

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