Less Time at the Stove and Store Leaves More Time For Love

by Alyson Khan on August 11, 2012

Pizza coupons, pizza deliveryIt’s not that I don’t like cooking; it’s just that sometimes it’s so much easier to order out. Especially in the summer when it’s hot and we have no A/C, I’d rather pick up the phone or fire up the computer because these devices put out a lot less heat than the oven. And also, I don’t have to take time away from my kids after I have been working most of day. But then I start feeling guilty about spending too much money on take out.

In reality though, it actually probably costs less than buying all the ingredients to make a meal. And when it comes to pizza, I’d rather order out than attempt to make my own sorry dough or risk cooking a disappointing oven pizza. These Domino’s Pizza Vouchers offer discounts that make it affordable to serve a simple dinner—add some green peppers, olives, fresh garlic and tomatoes, and you have yourself a healthy meal.

Sometimes I order from a pizza place that offers a free two liter bottle of soda or a bunch of cinnamon-y, sugary, frosting-y breadsticks with every online order. But soda and sugary sugar bread isn’t really my forte. I prefer the vino and some gourmet éclairs. Make the wine Red – deeply flavored, powerful and elegant carmenere or petite syrah with a hint of a 63% discount. Yum. The éclairs a perfectly soft choux dough pastry filled with creamy custard and topped with rich chocolate. Thank you.

If you click on this link to Flowers & Gourmet Vouchers you can find savings for all kinds of things from flowers to gourmet items, to handmade gifts for under $5 to
“chocolate blooms” and nuts. Sometimes it’s just nice to not have to lift more than a finger to get your dinner, some wine, and a gift for a friend. Less time cooking at the stove and less time shopping at the store leaves more time for you and those you love.

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