It’s Kindof A Juice Box For Adults!

by Jennifer Stinnett on August 21, 2012

I’m always scanning around different liquor stores and liquor sections in local stores. This is where I find my fun and bring you those wines you usually will find in YOUR local grocery / liquor stores. Also … you may be afraid to pick up the silly labeled wine. I’m not afraid and embrace that fun challenge!

That said … check out the preview pick to this wine tasting:

Boxed wine, Jennifer Stinnett

But it’s more than just an individual sized boxed wine… it’s freedom! Freedom to portably bring your wine with you to locations without the fear of breaking glass! I know. It’s genius!

So without further ado … I did a video review on this one. It’s short, sweet and includes a straw. For me anyway..

Having a hard time seeing the video? No worries! You can view it by clicking this link to the adult juice box video!

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