How To Remember the Wine at the Wine Tasting!

by Jennifer Stinnett on August 13, 2012

So you are at the swanky wine tasting and you are either one of two people; the one that knows all traits, terroirs, tannin levels, which winemaker is where and all 1 million grape varieties out there and their variations. Or you are the type of person that just had to Google the word “terroirs”. Either way, remembering wine at wine tastings always seems like an easy task, but sadly, after 3 glasses of wine and the next day you’re calling your friends asking “What was that one red one?”

Don’t worry – I have a way to help you!

Not only do I have a way to help you out, but it’s nice to know we are you, are not alone! So much so that there is an app for that! Kid you not my wine-o friends. The app is called Intellitaste and I’ve been using it. You can also download it over there ——–>

Sadly, right now … it’s only for us iPhone peeps. I’m sorry Android users – be assured your help is currently in the works and I’ll let you know when the Google play (being all official w/my terminology and stuff) has it available for you!

Curious how I’ve been using the app? Here is just a few of the things I’ve posted in the short amount of time I’ve been using it:

Intellitaste app pictures

As you can see, it’s also good for alcohol, like that awesome martini you had at “Girl’s Night Out” and somehow found your way home! “What was that big bowl martini with the tiki hut swizzle stick?” No worries – you Intellitasted it!

So, I’m having fun with this app and looking forward to more of it’s upgrades as they develop them. I hear the sassy lady creator of this app is furiously brainstorming with developers as we sip our wine!

Want to share a few photos with the other Intellitasters out there? Head over to Intellitaste’s Facebook page, or twitter account and share your wine, alcohol or foodie finds with everyone!

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