Goshdarnit, you deserve it!

by Alyson Khan on July 12, 2012

vacation photo, Jennifer StinnettGoing on holiday is a much needed reprieve from the everyday. Even just a week away from your regular routine is like pushing the refresh button on your life. But isn’t it funny how sometimes you can return home from holiday and feel even more exhausted than when you left?

There’s something about being totally out of your element that is quite draining. Besides the unfamiliar surroundings and the tendency to get lost, staying in a generic hotel can make you feel out of sorts. That’s why it’s a great idea to rent a whole house instead. And if it’s a really nice house, it’s definitely more relaxing and comfortable than staying in an average hotel.

One time I stayed in a ginormous home on the mountainside in Aspen, CO. The house had like nine bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, huge sitting areas, amazing views. It was unreal, actually. The bedrooms were real bedrooms with big cushy beds, unique bedding, and adequate privacy—not like hotel rooms where everything is crammed into a single space—where you can see the kitchenette from the bed and the hotel room door opens to a common hallway with strangers walking by!

Renting a home for holiday is such a great choice. Of course, there are luxury suites that offer wonderful amenities as well. A 5-star Resort on the Turkish Riviera sounds good–equipped with a spa and professional staff to meet your every need, access to the beach and cultural attractions. You may think these types of accommodations are too pricy, but alas! There are Travel & Holidays voucher codes that will save you lots of money—like up to 49 percent!

And to go along with your travel plans, you will want to stock up on beauty products for your skin and hair, as well as some lovely, travel-friendly clothing. But you still don’t have to break the bank. There are voucher codes for these items as well!

So, now you know that you can save money when you travel. Whether you choose a luxurious home away from home or a 5-star resort, you will come home refreshed.
Yes, it’s an excuse to pamper yourself, but goshdarnit, you only live once and goshdarnit, you deserve it!

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