You can afford to take a nice little vacation!

by Alyson Khan on June 21, 2012

sunset photoI think I say this once a week, “I want to travel.” And I say it in a whiny way that is not attractive and will not get me anywhere in real life. I don’t know how my parents could afford to take our whole family on vacations to Florida and California and Mexico. When I think of taking my whole family on a tropical getaway, I think “No way. It’s too expensive.” And there’s the problem. I am feeding my mind these negative mantras about scarcity and lack and thus creating my reality. Just kidding. But the truth is there are ways to travel on a budget. (And the light goes on.)

For instance, you can keep some extra cash in your pocket by using Travel Codes & Deals and get up to a 30% discount on car rental on the weekends. That could save you a lot of money! That makes me wonder, how did my parents do it without coupon codes??? Well, for one thing, my dad worked at a truck rental place so he got discounts on cars. Bonus! But my other friends’ parents didn’t have this perk. How did they do it? Well, it must have cost less to travel back in the day. Anyway…

You can also get discounts on lodging like with these Hotels coupon codes. Also search for discounts at restaurants and entertainment venues. There are so many ways to travel without breaking the bank! Or you can camp. Psyche! What is the point of camping anyway? It takes so much work to bring all of your own food and water and you have to use the bathroom outside and it’s hard to sleep…

But seriously, with all the competition out there for your travel dollars, if you take advantage of the many discounts available online, you can afford to take a nice little vacation. Repeat after me: You can afford to take a nice little vacation.

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