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Wine Wednesday! 667 It My Friend, 667 It ….

667 Wine ReviewI know I’ve previously told you if you’ve 181’d you should probably 337 it … but now I’m telling you to 667 it. If you are confused … click the links to read more. If not, you. are. awesome.

667 Pinot Noir
Monterey California
Noble Vines

It’s always nice to see a simple wine label. With numbers. I didn’t know what the numbers mean so I internet webbed my way over to their site. I found no information about why they went with numbers. I’m also not that good of a researcher, sorry. But I did find a whole article about how to read wine labels! Which I also didn’t read because it was kindof too long for my attention span. I’m hoping if someone who reads this blog and sees my un-educated-ness on this subject, they will leave their knowledge of the wine label in the comments below.

On to the taste of this wine …

The tagline of this wine is “Born in France, raised in America” and this Pinot Noir has grapes grown from the vines of the Burgundy, France area but planted here in Monterey, CA. The taste has a cherry taste, a little bit of the dark cocoa and the tasting notes indicate sage. I have to be real honest here …. I was gonna go with “earth” for a taste … but I think sage is probably better and more on que with the actual taste.

I had this wine with a nice talipia dinner and it went really well. Yes, I know … shocker, I had a red wine with fish. It was wonderful!

As far as pinot’s go and based on my experience, I found this to be lighter than the other typically full bodied Pinot Noir’s and I really liked it! It’s also right in my price range of about $10-$12 depending on your area.

If you are looking for Noble Vines I do have their website link above and you can find them on Facebook by clicking this link. I also want to mention that I have not seen the 667 in a lot of stores, so you may have to do a little reconnaissance to find this one.

OR … you could go their site, click the “Buy” tab and put in your zip code to see who in your area carries this wine. I’d probably go with that route, there’s no telling what people might think if you run around a liquor store doing “Reconnaissance” ….

What do you think about this wine? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. First time drinking this wine. Very nice. Light and very drinkable. We enjoyed- on our 2nd bottle.

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