There’s a Coupon for That!

by Jennifer Stinnett on June 28, 2012

mincraftMy son is a total Minecraft addict. If you don’t have kids, you may not know about this game, but it is pretty cool. You build things and hunt and grow food and mine and stuff like that. It’s textbook future primitive. Look it up. Anyway, he was trying to play this game on my laptop and it takes so much juice that my computer almost exploded.

So, in order to prevent a full blown house fire, we decided to buy our son a new computer for his birthday. (Holy cow! I didn’t even have a color TV when I was his age. Isn’t that wild?) But, we do live on a budget, and at the start of the computer buying process I felt overwhelmed and wondered if we could afford anything decent. Well, it turns out there are coupon codes for computers!!! Like these Newegg promo codes.

We were able to purchase a computer for our son and stay within our budget. I am amazed at all the options out there and how quickly the selection changes. Since we don’t make major purchases very often, I know next time we need to get a new computer, I will start my search by checking out Computers coupon codes.

Now my son has officially joined the ranks of young men who sit logged onto a screen for hours without the risk of their computer sparking into flames. I never thought it would happen—that I would let my kid become a computer game junky. But that went out the window just a quickly as the whole, “I’ll never let my kids watch TV, eat fast food or Twizzlers.”

I am sure through playing Minecraft he is learning something about the hard work it takes to actually mine and build and forage and cultivate and truly fight for survival. Right? It’s funny though, the game really is very archaic—even the graphics–and there is something to be said about this young generation’s attraction to working in the dirt—even if it is only virtual.

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