How my shoestring budget includes designer accessories and community outreach!

by Alyson Khan on June 18, 2012

coupon, receipt, changeI am going to sound like a commercial when I say this, but it’s true, I never pay full price for anything anymore. Whether it’s scoring a beautiful set of placemats at an estate sale or using a coupon code at checkout for online purchases, I always opt for saving money when I shop. Actually, I admit, I probably won’t even consider certain purchases if the retailer doesn’t offer some type of discount. But more than saving money, I am concerned with value. That’s the power we have as consumers.

It’s good to know that my shopping preferences are in line with most shoppers–a recent survey found that more consumers will go for value over the lowest price. I would rather spend $60 on shoes from Nordstrom that were originally $100, rather than $40 on crappy shoes from a cheap store. I spend a little more to get a better product that will last longer and is most likely made of superior materials. (And bonus: with a retailer like Nordstrom, their rewards program really adds up.)

My sister turned me on to the coupon code thing like these Clothing & Accessories Coupons. She somehow finds multiple coupon codes for everything and dials down the original price by like 30 – 60% every time! (I’ll let you know when she’s an official personal online shopper.) It only takes a minute to find coupons online. Google this: “retailer’s name + coupon code” and you will most likely find multiple offers and special deals. Even fancy, big time retailers offer coupon codes like these Nordstrom Promo Codes. A lot of checkouts only let you use one coupon at a time, but sometimes you can apply multiple discounts.

But even more than getting the low price on high quality products, value is also derived based on the retailer’s support of the community. Nordstrom also gives back to the community through many wide-ranging programs including support of various non-profit organizations, diversified suppliers, a scholarship program, and more. Check out the Nordstrom Cares Community to learn more about their project!

Money saved is money saved! I am down for getting deals on designer items any day, and I am even more down to exercise my power as a consumer, widen my definition of value and support the businesses that give back to the community. This is how my shoestring budget includes designer accessories and community outreach.

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