12 things you didn’t know about my dad

by Alyson Khan on June 17, 2012

My dad, Tom, is truly a great dad. He has been supportive of me my entire life; he shows up. I am so grateful for his presence. He’s a funny guy who will talk your ear off about the weather, who can criss-cross-double jump with a jump rope, likes to drink beer “only if you can see through it” and can imitate the sound of just about any motor you name. He’s awesome and brave.

Here are 12 other things you didn’t know about my dad:

  1. He has salt-n-pepper hair and (like I used to say as a kid) rubber-band color eyes.
  2. My dad let me drive when I was 13. He let me cruise around our neighborhood. It was fun–until I slammed on the brakes and my sister, who was sitting in the front seat on my dad’s lap, smashed into the dashboard. (She was fine.)
  3. He dearly loved our basset hound, Molly McGill. I think she was his best friend.
  4. He built a swing set for my son when he was 3. Constructed out of 4 x 4′s and cemented into the ground, it is still standing and accommodates serious swinging seven years later.
  5. One time he almost plummeted down a steep bank above a cold, rushing river at the marble quarry in Marble, CO—with my sister on his back. Luckily he had jerry-rigged a rope to help cross over a part of the path that had eroded away, and when he slipped, he only dangled for a few moments–in sheer terror–then he pulled it off. Tom is strong.
  6. He can work a bullwhip and make it crack as loud as a rifle shot.
  7. He has an elaborate system of handwritten records of all the snowfalls in Coal Creek Canyon over the past 13 years. The meticulous grid covers half a wall in his garage.
  8. He trained a whole bunch of guys in all different industries how to safely operate forklifts.
  9. He used to carry me in a backpack hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. He’s shown me so much of the natural beauty of Colorado.
  10. He loves to chop and stack wood (can you believe it?)! He has chopped down about 1000 pine trees killed by mountain pine beetle .
  11. He can jerry-rig just about anything, from a broken swing to the front end of a car.
  12. About once a year he puts on fully authentic lederhosen and dances to Polka music.

So there you have it. A few things about my dad. I sure do love him.

Happy Father’s Day!

Will you share something about your dad?

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