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IT’S FRIDAY! National Wine Day

Today is National Wine Day and I hope you’ll be celebrating. I will tell you that THIS day should not be confused by National DRINK Wine Day. Two separate occasions and two different related reasons why you should get drunk appreciate wine!

Every year since some awesome wine-o created it, we celebrate National Wine Day on May 25th. Who thought up National Wine Day? I don’t know … but it’s on Hallmark’s site as a holiday, so it MUST be legit! Also … you can pick up a card for this day from Hallmark too! Wine. Wine.

To celebrate, I found a fun and …. shall we say interesting “I Like Wine” video for you. I’m not sure how you’ll react to this one … but here it is anyway. Enjoy the wine, girls and music!

I Like Wine – watch more funny videos

Happy National Wine Day!

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