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Thank you for driving me nuts

Thankful Tree - original inspiration by Simply Vintage Girl found on Pinterest

For a while, I finished everyday with a list of “5 Things I am Grateful For” written in my planner—need to get back on that…

Each day is another day to be thankful, precious and  filled with blessings.

My amazing friends are always on my list of blessings.

This “Thankful Tree” was given to me by a dear friend–each leaf scribed with a personal note of thanks. That was one of the sweetest gifts anyone has ever given me. So meaningful.

I want the holidays to be meaningful—not just a mechanical ritual devoid of emotion. It’s never that bad, but I don’t think I have ever walked away from a family gathering feeling super connected.

So, I have decided that before Thanksgiving, I am going to list one thing about each family member who I am going to see, and either tell them directly or give them a little note expressing a specific reason I am grateful for them. It might feel awkward, it might not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the giving of thanks. There’s gotta be at least one thing to appreciate about everyone–even if you say, “Thank you for driving me nuts.” Joking.

But seriously, don’t you think the world would change if this exercise in appreciation were practiced daily? And especially if we applied it to those people in our lives who really get under our skin?

When was the last time you overlooked your annoyances and expressed gratitude to your extended family members?


Thankful Tree idea @ Simply Vintage Girl & Pinterest

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  1. What a cool idea – we are all just change agents in each others lives and for that, we can find gratitude for everyone in our experience. Thanks for such a timely suggestion, Alyson….you are inspiring!
    Kellie´s last blog post ..BeginAgain – Turning the Corner to Embrace ChangeMy Profile

  2. Kellie, Thank you for further clarifying the significant role we play in each others’ lives.
    Another reminder to take a deeper look at why someone is so “annoying,” and to put our egos in check.

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