My Life Twitter Wine Tasting – Beaujolais Style

by Jennifer Stinnett on September 24, 2011

It’s true … I love red wine! The fun team at Discover Beaujolais came to me and said “You like red wines huh, check out our Beaujolais!” At first I thought maybe that was a come on line but then I realized that Beaujolais is from France and that’s just how nice they are!

So this week on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 – you can go to Jennifer’s Review Twitter stream and read about the Beaujolais wine tastings we did on Twitter and LIVE! Although it’s not live anymore, I would say it’s now kindof a twitter replay, but it still has a lot of great information / conversations.

Either way – I’ll share with you here the 4 wines we tasted and a little more about them! oh … and the great thing??? These were all ORGANIC Beaujolais wines!

chateau cambon, chateau cambon review, chateau cambon rosé , beaujolaisFirst up Wednesday was Chateau Cambon, Beaujolais, 2010 ($16/bottle): This one was our rosé of the night. It was the last vintage from producer Marcel Lapierre as he passed away in 2010. So tasting this was something to be considered a little more special in my book. It’s a nice light wine with red berry flavors – you will really taste the strawberry in this one. It also has a special salt water taffy taste to it. Do you like strawberry salt water taffy? Then I think you’ll like this wine! I was glad we started off with this one because it set the mood for the others very nicely.

christian bernard beaujolais wine, red wine with red wax labelSecond up was Christian Bernard Fleurie 2009 ($22.00): Spoiler Alert – this Beaujolais wine seemed to be the winner of the night for everyone. It had great presentation as instead of foil on the wine bottle top, it was encased in red wax. I felt so special as I was unsealing something classic and mysterious. Which is exactly what this producer wants you to feel. The 2009′s were so good, the producer’s wanted to signify that with hand dipping the bottles in red wax. Worked for me!! It’s hard to describe this one … the taste is so unique and perhaps it was the warm cinnamon aroma or the ripe bramble berry taste mixed in with raspberry. It was just a great wine, balanced and 100% Gamay! If you see this, I (it’s my personal taste) would recommend this one!

Cote-De-Brouilly, French Beaujolais wine, organic beaujolais wineThird up for the wine tasting was Nicole Chanrion, Domaine de la Voute des Crozes Cote-de-Brouilly 2009 ($20/bottle): I feel so French trying to say that!! Let me tell you this wine had it’s own taste that was so unique it had all of us wondering what the “that taste” was. Here is what the professionals detected (and then you’ll see why it’s such a unique wine!) Aromas of mint chocolate, blackberry and blueberry but had flavors of pecan, hazelnut and dark chocolate. I think this is the wine where I said it had lavender hints with it…. but I may have just swayed everyone’s thinking that night. When you try this, come back and let me know what you taste!

morgon beaujolais, Domaine J Chamonard Beaujolais wineLast wine for the night was Domaine J. Chamonard Morgon 2009 ($24/bottle): Another fantastic and very different from the other wines in taste. This Beaujolais had aromas of cherry and raspberry but was still a light red. The pros at Discover Beaujolais indicated that you should open and let this wine breathe 30 minutes before pouring. It’s a great earthy wine that is not overpowering and really does have a nice cherry bite to it!

Whew … 4 wines in 1 hour and all on Twitter! Be sure to share your thoughts on these wines below!

Cheers to Beaujolais!

Disclaimer: These wines were provided free to me for the Twitter wine tasting event!

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