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Interview: Leanne Laine Fine Art — Because I Sleep With Her Art!

Lady Merlot, wine art, leanne laine art, leanne wineObviously, I love wine AND I have a great appreciation for art / artists as well. I love the creativity of it all. Many years ago I stumbled upon an artist that was creating these amazing wine pieces. Her name is Leanne Laine and since I’ve known her — her pieces and her art are becoming more and more popular. Also, it’s true, I sleep with Leanne’s art in my bedroom … love looking at a painting of wine before bed for sweet wine dreams! Follow Leanne on her sites AND enter for a chance to win one of her prints in the links below the interview!

So, with some help from a new writer here on Jennifer’s Review, we had the privledge of having the opportunity to interview Leanne Laine! Enjoy the interview by Alyson Kahn!

AK: What do you experience as the relationship between women and wine?

Wine is a fascinating subject matter and making wine is an art in itself. My exclusive Women in Wine series depicts the elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and vibrancy of the movement of wine that hypnotizes the palate. My Women in Wine series ™ began with Lady Merlot, and at the time I had no idea that it would become so popular with people. My series grew over time and my latest Women in Wine piece came out early in 2011, Sweet Embrace, which I painted specifically to raise money for the Red Cross and Save the Children when the earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. My feelings about wine come alive from these Women, they show that wine is not only beautiful the way she swirls around the wine glass, but also that wine is a temptress. She glides smoothly from the bottle, graciously around the glass, knowing full well that she is the center of attention. The light dances off her body while her intoxicating aroma fills the air. She seduces the senses, and knows that one sip will make the palate fall in love with her again and again. These are the elements that can be found in all my works.

AK: What role does wine play in your art?

I love wine but I am not a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I really find wine to be a fascinating subject matter and making wine is an art in itself. With my art, I indulge in giving colors and shape a stimulating appeal. I believe that art should have no boundaries or limitations. Imagination is such a powerful tool and I encourage it through my pieces. Wine itself carries these qualities which makes it such an interesting study. A simple wine glass needs to be painted to depict the gentle craftsmanship that goes into the making of a wine glass, so shapely, delicate and frail, yet has the strength to contain the tastes of well aged and fermented grapes. The sheer movement of wine in a glass can be as compelling as the taste of the wine itself, so I try to enable the viewer to observe the movement and excite the palate as if they were swirling the wine themselves.

AK: What is your “Vinogamy Series” about?

wine art, women in wine art, My exclusive Vinogamy series ™ was born with An Intimate Toast and The Taste of Devotion, two pieces that were donated to an event to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of BC. This series has also grown over time. I wanted a collection of works that could stand alone from my Women in Wine series, this time showing not only that wine is beautiful and sexy, but also that wine is a timeless romance that never ends. So I wanted to have a series that focused on the love of wine, the love for wine and the romantic side of wine and have it be a symbol for the love and romance a couple has for one another in a monogamous relationship. Monogamy is beautiful, sexy and is a special bond between two people, and wine has those same attributes. That is what I wanted to achieve with my Vinogamy series.

AK: What is one of your favorite wines and why?

This is a great question because I love experimenting and trying new wines. In the past six months I have really been focusing my attention on British Columbia wines, mainly because it is where I live and there are so many great wines being offered here. I do love red wine, merlot especially, but I try everything which is why you can also browse through my art pieces and find so many different wines being named in my pieces. I will say that I am extremely thankful for social media and the connections I have made with those in the wine industry, whether it be wine producers, sommeliers, wine bloggers like Jennifer, and even those who simply just love to sip a glass of wine for no reason at all. Not only do I learn so much from these friends, but they inspire me, they open up their world to me so I can see a side of them, a side of wine, that they enjoy. By learning more, it helps me come up with new ideas, new inspiration for my works.

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Follow Leanne on Facebook, Follow Leanne Art on Twitter and watch Leanne Laine speed paint on YouTube!

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