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Cork Creativity And Fashion For Wine-O’s

I’m a big fan of Project Runway and I’m excited by the new season. Me and my glass of wine curl up on the couch and watch Tim Gunn, Heidi … what’s her name?, Michael Kors and NEEEEnia GarCIa (love saying her name!) come out to “school” new designers. It’s also clear to me as I watch the show that I have absolutely no fashion sense. New York would throw me out of the city. So, it’s only appropriate that I share with you my new found items that are Green, Wine related and non-New York Fashion worthy …

100% Cork held a Cork Creativity contest and the following people were the winners … wine cork dresses!!!

wine cork dress, cork dress, cork clothing

100% Cork Creativity Winners

You know we couldn’t keep the men out of this post and I have something for you! A wine cork suit. This suit is designed by Al Fink who has saved all his wine corks and then decided not just to look at them, but to WEAR them. Wear them he does! Check it out:

al fink, wine cork suite, cork suit, wine cork clothes

Al Fink looking fancy in his cork suit!

You can read all about Al Fink and his suit from the Denver Post(Al Fink and his cork suit) … that’s where I got this photo … can I hear PHOTO CREDIT? Thank you Denver Post!

You know .. I started thinking .. if you have a wine cork dress, should you have some wine cork shoes to go with it? Yep, you should! Apparently, Stuart Weitzman designed some awesome cork stilettos … sadly, the link from the site I found these babies on, isn’t working. So it will just have to live in our memories as an awesome wine cork stiletto shoe that was ….

wine cork shoe, stiletto cork shoes,

Cork Stilettos! .. with a gold heel ... hello!

Last but not least — you need to have some cork art … it’s one thing to wear it, it’s another to admire it daily. Give it up for Scott Gundersen who designs
cork art … kind of interesting isn’t it? The video shows it all – enjoy!

Grace. A wine cork portrait. from Scott Gundersen on Vimeo.

You can connect with Scott Gundersen on his Facebook Page. I think Scott would appreciate that!

Cheers to wine corks!

This is the part of the post where I throw some ads down at the bottom and I give Photo Shoutout Credits to the Denver Post for the cork suit, 100% Cork’s Facebook page for the corks dresses, Trendhunter for the broken link but awesome shoes AND Scott Gunderson and his Vimeo video … I think that last one I didn’t need to do … but it’s nice to give him credit twice!

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  1. Absolutely best blog post to date! … all I can say is “ferocious” and I’ve got bags and bags of corks if you want to go with me to take them on. Well okay I’ve got more than bikini and less than red carpet gown but our important parts would be covered.

  2. Hello! Thank you for the shout out! My business partner, Anne-Marie Martin and I were the originators of the “wine cork dresses.” We LOVE 100% corks too. We’re putting the corks they sent to us to good use. We will look for you on Twitter too. We are @winecorkgirls.

    Stacey Carpenter & Anne-Marie Martin, more affectionately known as “The Wine Cork Girls.”

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