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Wine Wednesday! It’s An Old Fart

Well …. I have turned the big 4.0. … so why wouldn’t you expect me to review a wine with the name old fart in it?

old fart wine info, old fart wine cardEnter
Old Fart Wine
Regal Wine Imports
Grenache (60%), Syrah (40%)
Product of France

When I mentioned 40 above … you have no idea how close that scenario is to this wine … and I quote:

They say life begins at forthy, which certainly true of Old Fart, produced with hand – picked grapes from selected vines of Grenache and Syrah whose average age is 45 years …

All I have to say to this is thankfully … I’m not 45 years old. If I were … then although it’s a “Jennifer Downer” that this wine has a screw cap, I guess if you are old … it might actually be an empathetic/sensitive move on the part of these wine makers. You know … old hands and all ..

The price and the tastiness: I got my bottle for around $9/bottle. I thought for $9, it was worth a shot. I’m glad I did! The taste is pretty good for a $9 bottle of wine. Don’t expect “caviar dreams” on the taste of this, but if you drink more then the occasional daily glass, this might be one to check out.

This Grenache is blended with Syrah and that’s what gives it that spicy taste that I detect. The Grenache in this is light and I do think it wouldn’t have much taste at all if it weren’t for the Syrah, the Syrah gives it the “bite”. The 2 blended together make this a good every day wine. If you can get past the label, I say try it.

If you want to get this wine for the “old fart” in your life as a fun gift … the bottle can be opened and used, you won’t be disappointed giving this wine for a gift. If you are looking for that “wow” factor wine however, this probably isn’t it.

But we’re here for the fun of wine things aren’t we?!?! So go and …. wait … what was I talking about?

Cheers to mental lapses and old fart wine!

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  1. Being 46, I’m older than the average age of those vines. Iguess that makes me a really old fart!

    Sounds like a fun wine. I’ll take a look for it.
    Ross Brown´s last blog post ..On The Edge Of The AbyssMy Profile

  2. Mine was corked I bought the bottle roughly 6 years ago to give as a gift and never did.. Ran out of beer and tequila durring super bowl and elected to cull the cork in this instead of my good wine. Since I was the only one drinking it would have been wasted on me.

    Well it tastes like garbage unless you pour it on the rocks and although I can’t be sure I’m sick from it the fact remains.. I can polish off a bottle of whiskey and wake up for work the next day but I’m sick as a dog today (the day after)

    Let’s be clear.. Not hang over sick.. Body pain fever Dihariah sick.


  3. Richard ….
    You have the BEST story / comment I’ve seen on my blog so far! This made me chuckle … I’m sorry you got sick. I’m not sure though that this is the kind of wine that gets better with age. 6 years might be a long time. Thank you for sharing your story! I hope you feel/felt better after a day or two!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Wednesday! Crimson & Clover – We’re Not Talking Joan JettMy Profile

  4. Hi Jennifer-

    I enjoyed your review of Old Fart wine.

    Was curious if you have reviewed Old Fart’s Wife Chardonnay?

    -old fart

    “Curious people are interesting people.
    I wonder why that is.” – Bill Maher

  5. Hi “old fart” ….

    No, I have not tried the Chardonnay …. will have to keep my eyes open for that! Thanks for the tip!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Three Wishes Wine for Three Dollars?My Profile

  6. I wanted to know where to buy this wine for my aunt. Do they only sell it online only? I live in orange Ca. and have done some calling around and no one has it.


  7. Hi Eileen – Thanks for stopping by. I rarely see this one anymore. You may want to try reaching out the distributor here: http://www.boutinot.com/contact or a good local wine shop should be able to find and order this for you as well! Good luck!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Wednesday! Horse Heaven Hills Wine, I Swear!My Profile

  8. Hi Jennifer, greetings from Canada (Northern Ontario).
    Over the wk/end we invited our neighbor for Thansgiving dinner (this year Cdn/Thanksg…was Oct14).
    Well…he showed up w/bottle 2002 OldFart Chardonnay (white) wine. We know it was not purchased in Canada. It was kept in his cellar (on its side) in a “cold” room. Had the new type of cork (not real cork) and bottom was fluted like champagne bottle. Looks like it had accumulated a small “chunk) of sugar crystals over the years. Our opinion, after all these years, it would not be good. We opened it and tasted….no vinegar…very flat and tasteless? But not “ugh” bad. Can you sum it up for us (12 yrs?)….and also explain the reason why a “white” wine is “rose” colored…deep rose color? Is it due to the added 40% Syrah? Found you on Google and also found wine store (the only one so far) in N.Y. who still sells this wine now called

  9. Hi…me again….message not ended properly…should end with: ….called Old Fart (wife)? still sells close to $9. and you say they now use screw cap…wow??? no matter…still “cheap’ wine but the name is cute.
    Keep smiling, B.

  10. Well Hello Bernie!

    Thank you for stopping by my site … all the way from Canada! ;) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I did find the name of this wine fun!

    A great place to search for wine is Wine-searcher.com and it looks like you might get some deals on this wine from some of the merchants: http://www.wine-searcher.com/find/old+fart+wine/1/usa there was only 1 place selling in Canada that I could detect – so I thought I would give you more options with the US search. (looks like $6/bottle deals!)

    I cannot tell you why a white wine would be rose in color and I’m not sure I’ve even heard of a Chardonnay / Syrah blend myself (unless I read your comment wrong)? Sorry I can’t be more help on that one! I am glad you found a wine you like! Let me know if you get some more bottles and try the 2009 … would love to hear your thoughts! ~ Cheers!
    Jennifer Stinnett´s last blog post ..Wine Product Of The Day! Wine Bottle Water PlantersMy Profile

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