Wine Wednesday! I Have Some Hiney For You!

by Jennifer Stinnett on May 4, 2011

Ok, did you come to this blog post because of my title?!?! C’mon …. did you?!?! That’s alright, your secret is safe with me … because I am REALLY going to have fun with today’s wine!

Hiney Wine LabelEnter
Big Red Hiney Wine
Walla Walla Valley
Skylite Cellars
Cabernet Sauvignon based-blend

When I started doing research on this wine, I was expecting a fun, lively …. maybe even a bit slightly left of center humorous website. After all, these people named their wine Hiney Wine right?!? Well this winery has a very classic looking site and I was also surprised to note that even though they are in the winery business … they certainly have a sense of humor!

After looking over the site, I’m pleased to say that I have indeed bought the winery’s cheapest wine at around $10/bottle. At the top of the price scale for this wine is their 2007 SC Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. But we’re not here to talk about anything else other then Hiney. That said … a note at the winery indicated that they are all sold out of Hiney … so if you want it, you’ll have to pick up and save the bottles you find locally.

The taste? Well, the taste is pretty good or at least it was when I had my red pasta dish. With hints of oak, it’s still a little young – but I of course didn’t mind this. It’s high on the cherry taste, but not overpowering. Did I mention what the back of the wine labels says? …. and I quote:

You only go around once in life, so grab all the Hiney Wine you can get!!

Actually … I didn’t read that originally with the “wine” part, but now that I had to type it … it kindof lost it’s affect. So to end this post off, I leave you with the Winery’s commercial:

For email subscribers you can click this link: YouTube Hiney Wine Commercial

You can also buy a some Hiney Wine stuff on Ebay, but be warned, Ebay will try and correct you … or maybe it’s just me Ebay feels the need to correct, not sure: (click image for larger view)

Cheers to Hiney!

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