It’s Like “Twilight” In Wisconsin!

by Jennifer Stinnett on August 18, 2010

It’s true … mosquito’s are the new vampires here in Wisconsin. I’ve met a few, had to kill a few…

Mosquito or a sly Vampire .... you choose!

It started 3 weeks ago when I went out on the deck to do a few exercises in the morning. It was eerily silent out … then I heard a faint buzzing. I stopped what I was doing and looked around … nothing. Then I saw the pack … they were all around me. So jumping up and flailing my hands around I ran back into the house.

It didn’t stop there – at night, when all the lights were turned off, I was laying in bed and then I heard the noise … the faint buzzing … I swatted …. and hit myself. The fight continued … ultimately, I won but not without a few bruises.

I’ve actually not read the Twilight books or seen the movies. I can’t really tell you why, I just haven’t. Personally, I feel like I’m living it out right now … team Mosq or team Off … I’m going to choose my side… Team Off!

Cheers to Wisconsin Vampires!

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