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Wine Wednesday! Let’s Hogue About It!

It’s a screw cap bottle, but it wasn’t that cheap!

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
2001 Columbia Valley

Starting off with a screw cap instead of a cork or plastic cork, I was a little skeptical. If there is anything that makes me a “wine snob”, it’s probably that — the cork. I like a real cork, cork. That’s just me.

Tasting this wine was wonderful! This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot makes a great “have all on it’s own” wine. I’m so used to trying wines from California that I was surprised to find out that Hogue Cellars is not located in California … it’s in Washington State! I don’t know if that makes a difference, but this is just a perfect Cabernet and Merlot blending for the price. I picked up my bottle for around $10! I’m surprised how much I like this one. I’m also thinking that I need to try more Washington State wines.

In fact, Washington seems to be pretty fond of their wineries. The Washington Wine Commission has set up a whole website so we can learn more. Their list of wineries is pretty impressive.

The Hogue Cellars Winery isn’t an old classic winery – it’s actually fairly new. Founded by Mike and Gary in 1982, it produced 2,000 cases of wine that year. Today, according to AvalonWine.com – it’s one of the largest family owned wineries in the state producing 450,000 cases of wine. Impressive – and the foundation of this winery … it was the family farm back in the 70’s.

What’s your favorite Washington Wine?

Cheers to blends!
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  1. Good stuff Jen, Hogue is set to go completely cork-less in the very near future! They are huge proponents of the cork-less movement and many of us bloggers who attended the #WBC10 were recipients of learning all about the fantastic Washington State wine scene. Check out some Red Mtn labels, they will blow your mind! Btw, love what you’ve done with your site, looks fab!


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