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Wine Wednesday! I Think It’s A Fat Bastard Joke I Didn’t Get

This wine is from some British / English / French people and I’m not up to the british humor level yet, but I’m trying …

Fat Bastard
Thierry & Guy
Pinot Noir

Ok, I mostly picked up this wine because I now have a legit reason for typing Bastard … and typing fat with that is just icing on the cake! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE people who can just say whatever they want AND put it on a wine label. I on the other hand, need to hide behind their bottles for permission (sortof) to say the same thing … I think these guys are pretty cool.

Fat Bastard wine, by their own admission, was a mistake. Like I always tell my brother, “the planned child”, a good mistake is better then poor planning any day! (feel free to use that one … you’re welcome!)

Apparently, this was an experiment wine that a guy named Thierry Boudinaud had in the back of his cellar. The line goes something like this when Theirry and Guy tried that experimental wine … and I quote: “Now zat iz what you call eh Phet Bast-ard!”

I’m not sure, but I think we’re supposed to laugh or chuckle or something … I don’t know … this is what I don’t get. Then there is a picture of a hippo on the bottle which they ALSO admit to not knowing where or how the hippo showed up. So, I’m thinking maybe there was a fat bastard hippo running around somewhere at a zoo and the idea was born.

Alright … you caught me … I just wanted to say fat bastard again.

The taste? I’ve had this before in another vintage and I have to say I prefer the older stuff to the 2008, I’m sure it’s too young or something and that’s why I feel it’s a bit “thin” in taste. (thank you for that description past blog commenter!!!) It’s a nice fruit taste, not dry, not tart … just right. I think for the price which was around $10 give or take some change, it’s pretty good. I’m not sure what would pair well with this … hoping someone out there can suggest something since I drank this all by myself on it’s own.

This wine is imported by the Click Wine Group who clearly get British humor and have a great taste for wine.

Cheers to fat bastards! (had to get it in one last time!)

P.S. you can even get a stemless etched fat bastard wine glass for your tasting enjoyment!

Photo Credits by Click Wine Group

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