Wine Wednesday – It’s an Octo-box!

by Jennifer Stinnett on June 22, 2010

I actually didn’t count it to see if it had 8 sides, but the wine company calls it the Octavin Home Wine Bar and I just assumed.

Also, I hope people don’t confuse my title with “Wine Wednesday-It’s an Octo-mom!” because that just wouldn’t be right ….

Boho Vineyards
Old Vine Zinfandel
2008 California

This is another wine that is distributed by Underdog Wine Merchants. I’m starting to like these guys!

Boxed wine but not your typical boxed wine. Boho Vineyards has also realized that packaging wine in Box-in-bag packaging, results in a 55% smaller carbon footprint and 85% less landfill waste!

While this “box” has a funny shape – it still holds about 4 glass bottles of wine in one container. I have to say that for some reason – this box shape is appealing to me. It doesn’t carry that “boxed wine” idea with it. It’s a nice shape and it’s easy to store as well.

The taste of this wine is really good for an everyday wine. It’s got a dark plum taste and to me it’s pretty juicy. Not a bad thing at all – but it’s a definite every day wine.

Drinking wine every day …. I can’t go there because I got twitter-yelled at by a nurse when I re-tweeted an article on the health benefits of daily wine drinking. She reminded me that alcohol for women increases bad health things. Maybe it was nurse “Debbie downer” I don’t know … but I did appreciate her insight and I thanked her just before I unfollowed her. That was a while ago … I’m over it and maybe we can be twitter friends again.

Ah well…. boxed wine … love it … and this boxed wine actually lasted a few weeks in my house and it still had a great taste! Accomplishment!

Cheers to Octo-Boxing!

P.S. You can “Like” the Octavin Home Bar on facebook HERE!


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