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Meat Raffle Monday!

On Monday’s I try to post some great musician or band that I found….. but not this Monday. This Monday I’m going to talk to you about Meat Raffles. Yep, that’s right … MEAT RAFFLES. If you’ve heard of them, you probably have roots in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Or you’re from Great Britain according to Wikipedia.

So since I’m back in Wisconsin and after many other invites, on Sunday, I went to my first Meat Raffle. Trust me you’re gonna want to stick around for this.

First …. I have NO idea where in Wisconsin I actually was. But my boyfriend Mr. Garmin (in British English Daniel mode) knew how to get me to Dot’s Tavern in Basco, WI. …. or Belleville, WI … Paoli, WI …. one of those 3. That’s how remote it is … you can pick from 3 different towns and still be ok. I’m assuming everyone who lives in those towns also know’s where Dot’s is…. so IF I did get lost, I was feeling confident I could just ask around.

Moving on …

My new partner in crime for a Madison Fun Group we’re starting – Amy (We’ll call her DOF = Director of Fun) has tried to get me out to a meat raffle previously. I’ve always been busy. But not this Sunday. Sooooo… I headed out to Dot’s….

Think I’m kidding how remote this place was? Check it out …. Back of the Bar View:

… but wait …. it’s get better. The bar is actually in SOMEONE’S HOME! ….. in the basement. Think I’m kidding …. Check it out:

But WAIT …. It gets even better!!!!! There was a bike in a tree AND an outhouse! Think I’m kidding ……. Again …. Check it out:

If I didn’t trust my DOF …. I would have been so outta there…. but trust my DOF I did. And down in the basement of what I can only assume was Dot’s home, I went. And what did I find? A fantastically fun group! We were all there to win some meat, have a few drinks, talk a bit and have some fun….. and fun we had!

Here is where I will explain the Meat Raffle concept (all proceeds typically go to a charity):

    Tons of meat is brought in by a meat auctioneer …. our auctioneer was Chubb.
    Then there are 12 paddles.
    Then there is someone who hands out paddles for a fee … usually $1 to $2 a paddle.
    Then there is a dice roll ….
    If your paddle number matches the dice number … you win! And you need to shriek as loud as you can!
    Winning lets you pick your choice of available meat…… like the ones below

meat raffld-dots

Did I win? Nope. But everyone around me did!!! I was passing out the winning vibe I guess! That’s okay … because I had a great time … and I’m thinking that this might be a regular blog section. OR … we could talk about Cheese Curds and/or Friday Night Fish Fry’s in Wisconsin …. your choice! (kidding of course)

So, to end this mysterious Wisconsin past time review I’ll leave you with a picture of Chubb and my DOF.

How could you NOT follow and trust the girl with a sash and a Ham????


Cheers to Meat Raffles!

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