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Naked vs. Bolthouse … who wins?

juiceSo recently I’ve had to curb my wine intake for a bit. In it’s place I’ve been introducing myself to a lot of different drink alternatives. We can take out any coffees and sodas in that mix as I have cut those out too. (ok, I had a weak moment when Starbucks offered their “free pastry day” in July) So, I’ve had the opportunity to check out all the major juice choices out there. I also have tried to limit my selections to REAL juices, made from the REAL fruit. That criteria narrows the selection process a bit.

For me personally, I’ve chosen 3 brands. The “Simply” juices , bolthouse juices and Naked.

First, we’ll get the “simply” juices out of the way…. I am addicted, yes officially addicted to “simply apple”. It’s made from real apples, pressed from real apples and is ….. simply apples. Take a look at the site … It’s VERY well done and you’ll spend some time on it…. don’t forget to check out their receipes like Roasted Rack of Lamb with Orange Ginger Glaze and cranberry sauce. mmmm……

Next …. what’s the difference between Naked juices / smoothies or Bolthouse juices / smoothies? Well…. the first is price!! Naked comes up at about $.60 more a bottle … taste wise… I did not notice much difference between Naked and Bolthouse juices. I did however think that Naked’s “Green Machine” is not as thick as the Bolthouse “Green Goodness”. The other item I liked about Naked is that they use bottles that are recycled from other bottles…. great for you and great for the environment. But at $.60 more a bottle? … up to you to decide.

Since my Dr. is being mean and making me hold off on wine for a bit …. I’ll stick to my bolthouse juices … they have a great variety and at the amount I drink… that $.60 adds up quickly. My vote — Bolthouse wins for my choice – however, Naked wins for being environmentally responsible! On a side note, it loos like from bolthouse’s website .. they are coming out with salad dressings… mmmm….. can’t wait for that to show up!

Now… on to my pear merlot from bolthouse!

Cheers to juices!

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  1. But I am sure Bolthouse is buying carbon credits from Al Gore, so everything should come out in the wash. ;)

  2. Curt ….
    Carbon Credits? Is that kindof like “godfather points” in mafia wars? (I am kidding…)

  3. Strange to think you’d be better off living in Peru, like my sister in law-they have a kind of high end Jamba Juice which is really good…..juice is commonplace down there for bfast.

    No wine…ugh.

  4. Bolthouse adds FLAVONOIDs to its product which is a potential carcinogenic. I didn’t see that ingredient in the Naked green machine one. ??

  5. Thanks Linda! I don’t know much about Flavonoid’s … had to look it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavonoid

    I’m still hooked on the Vanilla Chai from Bolthouse .. yum!

  6. Bolthouse is 100% from concentrate. Naked is not from concentrate/ partly from concentrate on other varieties. Hence the price difference.

  7. Thanks for the info “The Guy”! Didn’t realize that!
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  8. Np, I didn’t notice it until I started looking at the ingredients. Naked should probably advertise this more so that consumers know the difference. For the longest time I bought bolthouse because of the price difference and higher amount of “boosts”. Now having realized this, i’ll just get Naked from now on. I’m currently on a juice fast (day 31, yay) and when I can’t juice myself I get the store stuff.

  9. MIS-INFORMATION CORRECTION: Linda: You can bet that Naked is full of FLAVONOIDs as well unless they don’t use real plants and fruits for their juice. Flavonoids are naturally occurring in produce and actually have been shown to prevent cancer not be cancer-forming (carcinogenic). We ingest lots of these just eating fruits and such alone. They are not considered carcinogenic unless perhaps you eat major amounts and in that world most all minerals (that the body needs to function in proper amounts) are also carcinogenic.

  10. Thanks for the comment on Flavonoid Trocks! Always appreciate information and thoughts on the topic!
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